You can use Ebptrading services to buy all kinds of wireless modems, network cards, switches, hubs and other passive and active network equipment. Our company will be with you in all stages of setting up the network.


External, Rackmount,
Desktop, Managed,
Unmanaged, Smart,
PoE, KVM Switch


Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5
Wi-Fi 4 and Earlier Generation
Wired Router

Mesh Wifi

Mesh Router
Mesh WiFi System
Range Extender
Addon Satellite


Cable Modem
Cellular Modem
DSL Modem
Gateway Modem
Modem Router Combo

Wireless Networking

Mesh Wifi
Network Antenna,
Wireless Range Extender,
Media Bridge,
Wireless Adapter

Wired Networking

Network Transceiver
Network Cable
Switch Module
Access Point
Wired Router, Gateway


We live in the age of communication! In a world where everyone can be informed of the latest news from around the world with just a few simple clicks from their room. Today, the Internet can be considered one of the most essential human needs, without which life is practically impossible! At present, thanks to network equipment, all digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets have the ability to connect to the Internet. For this purpose, you must use wireless modems or network cards.

Network equipment allows multiple computers to communicate with each other and exchange data between them. IT administrators can manage and monitor a large number of computers simultaneously over the network. In general, network equipment is divided into two categories: passive and active.

Active network equipment is responsible for generating and routing signals and includes network switches, wireless modems, hubs, routers and access points. One of the most important of these equipments is the switch, whose main task is to communicate between devices in the network. In fact, a switch must be used to get traffic to the network. The hub has a similar function to the switch, except that it is mostly used in smaller and older networks. A router is another active network device that is used to route data and can be used to connect two or more networks.

Passive network equipment consists of components that transmit signals generated by active equipment across the network platform. These devices include cables and network sockets, patch panels, racks, wall sockets, etc. Of course, the larger the network and the more devices connected to it, the more passive equipment will be needed. You should also use switches with more ports and switching capacity.

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