You can get all the components needed to set up the server from Ebptrading. Also, our experienced experts are ready to guide you in setting up the server.

Server Components

Power Supply
Network Card
RAID Controller

Server Hard Drives

SAS Hard Drive
SATA Hard Drive
Large Form Factor
Small Form Factor

Server Memory

HPE Memory
Kingston Memory
Dell Memory

Storage & Backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Storage Area Network (SAN)

Server Chassis


Racks & Cabinets

Post Open Frame Rack
Post Open Frame Rack
Low-Profile Wall Mount Rack
Rack Drawer


The server is a computer that is constantly on and responds to user requests at any time of the day. The server can be used on local networks. This type of server is mostly used in offices, schools and universities. You can also access the server via the Internet. This type of server is maintained in the data center and the information of Internet websites is stored on it. The server must be permanently connected to the Internet and equipped with more powerful hardware than regular computers. Web server, Mail server, DNS server, FTP server and File server are the most common types of servers.

In order for a server to handle heavy workloads well, it must be equipped with the appropriate hardware. The most important server hardware is the processor, which must have a high number of physical and virtual cores and be able to run heavy processing. In general, Intel Xeon series processors can be considered the most suitable server CPUs. Other components required to set up the server include RAM, SSD memory, hard disk, power supply and network card. Note that all of these components are more powerful than the components used in conventional computers and are optimized for heavier workloads. HP products are of the highest quality in this area.

You can get all the components needed to set up the server from Ebptrading. Our company provides all kinds of server hardware from leading brands in the fastest time and delivers it to you. You can also take advantage of the consultation of our professional experts to set up your desired server. Ebptrading also provides services in setting up a data center and selling pieces such as racks.