Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Using of Ebptrading’s services constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions. So read the text below carefully so that you can make the most of our services.


These terms and conditions apply to all transactions conducted under the surveillance of Ebptrading. All activities of our company comply with international trade laws and we consider ourselves obliged to respect the rights of our customers. If in the future there is a change in the working rules of our company, we will be informed through this page.


Home users, retail stores, distribution offices and international companies can work with us as customers. These orders can be registered electronically by fax and email or in person and by phone. For this purpose, the customer must provide us with detailed information including his/her name, email address and contact number. The customer must also provide us with all the other information that our company needs to send the goods. Note that Ebptrading provides services based on information provided by customers. So be very careful in entering information. It should be noted that the terms of payment will be fully explained to the customers by our experts.

Delivery Terms

Ebptrading is committed to delivering orders to its customers as soon as possible. The customer can choose the method of shipping when registering the order. If you need special services for shipping (such as inserting a special label on the box, using boxes with special materials, etc.) the customer must fully explain this to our company. Otherwise all responsibility will be on the customer. Under standard conditions, our company delivers the goods to the customer in a completely healthy way and uses safe packaging. Ebptrading sends the goods through reputable shipping companies and offers the bill of lading to the customer. Note that in case of any accident on the freight route, the responsibility will be borne by the shipping company. If the shipping company acknowledges that there was no accident while transporting the goods but the goods are defective, our company will seek compensation. The customer must notify us within 24 hours that the product is defective and after this time our company will not accept responsibility. Ebptrading also undertakes to deliver the goods to the customer within the time period specified by the customer. Our customers and business partners can track the ordered goods at any time.


Goods warranty is provided by the manufacturer brand. Our company delivers the goods to the customer with valid guarantees and is not responsible for enforcing the guarantees. Our company also sells goods to customers with valid part numbers.

Privacy Policy

Ebptrading is committed to the privacy of all its customers and does not share their information with other companies. You can read our company privacy policies in full at the following link:

Website Contents

If a product is introduced on the Ebptrading website, credible sources and information from manufacturers will be used. Of course, we do not guarantee that all product introductions are error-free. If you see any discrepancies, please let us know via the contact form. It should be noted that all content on this website belongs to Ebptrading and they are not allowed to use without permission.