Ebptrading is known as a leading distributor of digital devices. The company is based in Dubai and Its extent of activity is Middle Eastern countries. Our company also distributes goods to Far Eastern countries. Ebptrading provides the latest technology products for home users, retail stores and resellers in these areas. In addition, we are a consulting company in the field of the network and server setup. Among the goods we cover, the following can be mentioned:

Computers and Laptops

All kinds of Desktop and All-In-One computers are part of our products. You can get all the hardware needed to set up a computer from our company. These components include Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, Power, Hard disk drive, Solid State Drive and etc. Our company also offers you the latest laptops from the leading brands such as Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. at the best prices.

Computer accessories

These products include keyboard & mouse, handsfree, headphone, speaker, webcam, flash memory, external hard drive and cool pads.

Computer monitor, Digital Signage

If you want to expand your business through advertising, you can buy the highest quality industrial monitors and digital signages in the world at the best price from us. Ebptrading also sells a variety of computer monitors and gaming monitors.

Mobiles and Tablets

Get access to the latest flagship Android and iOS phones with us in the fastest time! You can also buy all kinds of smart watches and tablets from our company.

Server and Network equipment

You can use our services to set up servers and networks. These services include hardware sales and consulting.